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Your Majesty Oriana upcoming pop performer that brings a theatrical flair to music and live performances. Their androgynous appearance, is inspired by David Bowie, Lady Gaga, and Elton John. Oriana brings an electrifying energy performing live, and their music can inspire and take you to other worlds.

Oriana has an extensive repertoire for performing. Most notably is performing at the famous Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, opening for the 80's icon Tiffany. Oriana began their career in the Twin Cities. Performing at the Triple Rock Club, Cedar Cultural Center, the Minnesota Music Cafe, and many more.

Your Majesty Oriana made their music debut with their EP, QUEEN. Recorded at the Union Recording Studios in Hollywood, and produced by Tayanti (Taylor Owen). The EP combines the dramatic with modern pop music themes, infectious choruses, and pulsing synths. Oriana received 5/5 stars from the UK Songwriting Competition for Gloriana and was a Semi Finalist in the Song of the Year competition.

As an actor, Oriana has been performing on screen and stage for the last 15 years with notable roles in RENT, Hair, American Idiot, Hairspray, and many more.

So why the name Oriana? The name comes from a musical collection written for the Queen of England, Elizabeth I. Like Elizabeth, Oriana is a powerful figure on the stage and gives a commanding presence like any Queen befitting her name.

"I wear a crown not because I believe I am superior, but because it brings out a better version of myself. I, too, hope that you find your "crown" in whatever form it takes and may my music help you find it."



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